Chutes and Ladders

The ups and downs, comings and goings in the life of someone who enjoys being an observer... but who is more often then not thrown into the role of the participant.

In lieu of the rising price of gas I bring you a tune for contemplation. 

"Price of Gas" by Bloc Party off of their 2005 album Silent Alarm.

I’ve been driving, a mid sized car,
I never hurt anyone
Is that a fact?
The price of gas keeps on rising
Nothing comes for free
Make like a stone, make like a plant
I can tell you, how this ends
We’re going to win this
With spades and truncheons, guns and trowels
That is how the war will be won
Just swat the fly
Taking care of cars and bodies
Nothing ever comes for me
The ghosts are here, red white and blue
I can tell you how this ends
We’re going to win this.

And on an off note, check out the documentary Gasland and be astonished by the effects of natural gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing.